One – Stop Destination for Travel Needs

Shalom tours and travels in Delhi is not just a name, but a commitment. We are a
reputed and professionally managed company which has been in the travel
industry since 2006 and become IATA in 2017. Exploring the world can be one of
the most rewarding experiences in life. However, planning a trip can be extremely
frustrating especially when one doesn’t know where to start. Based in New Delhi,
India, Shalom tours and travels is a one-stop travel house which takes care of all your
travel needs.

Traveling with us is all about escaping the ordinary to truly appreciate the
extraordinary. It’s about bringing people together or taking them away, about
discovering the world or getting lost in it; and above all, creating great experiences
that enrich our lives. We believe in inspiring people to explore, do business, have
fun and spend quality time together. Other than taking care of individual travel
needs, we also cater to international and domestic travel needs of multinationals,
corporations and prominent local firms. No matter who the traveler is, Shalom tours
and travels constantly strives to provide them with the most reliable, comprehensive
travel plans that cater to their individual travel needs.


Our business strategy will revolve around the need to provide quality services to
our various target customers, fully satisfying their needs in the process. This shall
be undertaken through recruitment of a professional team and the provision of
good quality custom-designed travel packages adhering to the client’s particular
needs. With time, our marketing campaign will increase the awareness of our services in the various market segments we shall be targeting. This is particularly so with the organization looking at establishing a clear advantage(s) in an increasingly
competitive market. We will provide clients with the opportunity to focus on their activities whilst their transportation side needs are fully satisfied. Marketing material shall be professionally done as a reflective of our intended image and reputation.
In sum, we intend to attain the following objectives:
 Continuously provide enjoyable quality excursions/trips on time and on
 Enthusiastically develop satisfied customers
 Establish a market presence that assures short-term and long-term
profitability, growth, and success


Internally we intend to create and nurture a healthy, exuberant, respectful, and enjoyable environment, in which our employees are fairly compensated  andencouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the service we intend to provide. In addition follow-up will be mandatory so as ensure customer satisfaction and make any improvements as recommended by the customers in future.

Keys to Success

Our key success factors will include the following:
 Excellence in fulfilling the promises: We intend to offer completely
enjoyable, comfortable and informative travel excursions that will ensure
that travelers are thoroughly satisfied and appreciative at the end oftheir
 Timely response to customer’s request: We cannot afford to delay our clients
for whatever reason, as this will have a negative bearing on our image and
reputations, including future business. Hence we continually communicate
with the client on topics including hotels and lodges so as to be assured of a
constant flow of customers, fulfilling their needs at every opportunity.